As the youth are the future of the nation, we do embark on outreach activities to build human capacity in this field of 6th Annual International Conference November 20 - 23, 2017. ANU-SSTL (Exploring the Beauty of Space to Benefit Humanity) discipline by targeting the youth and young engineers in the country. In doing so, we have an outreach programme as part of our activities. Such programmes involve setting up Space Science and Technology Clubs in the various Senior High Schools in the country. Currently, the office is working on establishing its Space Science Club in schools throughout all the ten regions in Ghana. Our long term goal is to reach out to the entire 275 constituencies in Ghana, by promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovations through our outreach activities.

In October 2015, ANU-SSTL organized its first World Space Week event. The event was a Space Science and Satellite Technology Quiz Competition organized for the Senior High Schools. The World Space Week (WSW) is the largest space event celebrated internationally to recognize the progress of Space Science Education throughout the World. The WSW is celebrated by the ANU-SSTL annually. The 2017 WSW celebration was a great success and it encouraged young Ghanaian girls in Junior and Senior High Schools to engage in STEMI. The theme for the event was “Empowering Young Women in Engineering and Technology”, and it recorded more than 500 students from 16 different schools. The young aspiring Engineers were taken through basic Space Science Technology and practical hands-on Space related activities.