The ANU-SSTL, in promoting Space Science and Research Innovation, had Engineers from NASA with ANU Engineers and students successfully installing a SUNPHOTOMETER as part of NASA's Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET). The AERONET, currently the only device installed in West Africa, hosted by ANU-SSTL is part of a global network of aerosol monitoring tools that provide real-time data used in analysis of air quality and composition of particles in the atmosphere.

The data collected provides experts with the required information to take precautionary measures to reduce the effect of global warming caused by greenhouse gasses over the region. The implementation of this technology is first of its kind in the sub-region and it facilitates ground based data acquisition. The data helps to validate other satellite-based aerosol measurement. The project was completed in September 17, 2015 and it creates a platform to investigate and educate researchers, students and the public on the effects of aerosol on cloud formation.

The data provides detailed understanding of global atmospheric phenomena understanding of global atmospheric phenomena which focuses on climate research and the assessment of air quality of the region. It also contributes to the weather and climate monitoring of the Earth; it predicts and gives early warning about pollution in the atmosphere and improves weather forecasting and climate predictions.