Dr. Anita Antwiwaa – Winning Essay

“Women and Girls who participate in the African Space Science and Technology which remains one of the key disciplines that employs all other technological areas in implementing projects which see through the lens of all human needs and wants, and bringing up solutions which address them by helping to advance the sustainable development goals (SDGs) for societal benefit has been on the lower side over the years. This area has proven to be an essential contributor to achieving the SDGs and African Union Agenda 2063 of which women cannot be excluded.

The world population of women is almost exceeding that of men meaning that, the involvement and contribution of women in all technological areas is needed greatly to help achieve a sustainable development in our world today and beyond. This therefore brings our attention to the fact that, there is a great need to educate African women in the area of practical oriented Space Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation [SPACE-STEMI] so to contribute massively in attaining a sustainable wide scope of addressing human needs through Space Science and Technology in Africa.