The 7th Annual Space Science and Satellite Technology Applications Conference (SSSTA 2018)

The Space Science and Satellite Technology Applications Workshop (SSSTA) is an annual international conference & workshop that was established in 2012 by the All Nations University-Space Systems Technology Laboratory (ANU-SSTL) as part of fulling its mandate in building human capacity and advancing the field of Space Science and Satellite Technology in Ghana and Africa. The event is projected towards achieving a sustainable space program for the benefit of humanity. Since the inception of the SSSTA, it has attracted many international & local professionals and experts in this field of discipline, government personnel, students and space science enthusiasts to the University to participate and present at the conference. The conference creates the platform to deliberate and discuss innovative technology and the application of space science to enrich and solve problems in society. It also helps educate students and the society about the benefit of space science. The ultimate goal is to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable space program in developing nations.


SSSTA 2018 Conference PowerPoint presentations Here